DP Stumps Me

I have a couple of clues from yesterday’s DP that have stumped me.

I’ve put the answers in the comments so that you can have a go answering the clues yourselves.

2 down: Popularity assessments made by sailors (7)

3 down: Bear to get jockey upset (4)

7 thoughts on “DP Stumps Me

  1. 2 down: RATINGS (I assume it’s a reference to ranks in nautical vessels, in which case it hasn’t been worded well).

    3 down: POOH — huh?

  2. 2D seems OK to me. Ratings is a reasonably common term for the non-officers on a ship.

    Can’t help with 3D, I’m afraid. The bear part is ok, but “to get jockey upset” doesn’t make any sense to me. It can’t be just the name of a jockey I haven’t heard of, can it? I don’t know DP well enough to say whether he’d use this rather than “Bear upset jockey”.

  3. 3D: what I said it can’t be is what it is. Hoop is Aussie slang for jockey, apparently.

  4. DP usually piece of piss. Is he positioning himself for a shot at the title?

  5. DP can be funny sometimes and every now and again does a mini-theme, as was yesterday’s, but I don’t think DP is aiming for DA.

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