DA on the 1st/2nd of April, 2011

Gayle has already asked whether or not this week’s is an April Fool’s Day joke. I’m not sure what that means — us Melbournites have to wait until tomorrow, when it’s not April Fool’s Day, so it might just be that I’ll never really know what Gayle means — but here’s where you can talk about it.

Enjoy the cryptic (and perhaps foolish) talk.

Update: TT tells it as it is: DA appears in today’s paper in Melbourne! Not sure if that is a permanent feature — does anyone know? — but I’m certainly happy to see him back on a Friday (I like perusing crosswords while I’m working).

Further update: Have I just been April fooled? Just bought the paper and discovered DS inside. Needless to say, a disappointment.

Further further update: And here it is:

I hardly did any of it (the crossword comes scanned in by the ever so kind Jonathan), so I can’t say much about it.

15 thoughts on “DA on the 1st/2nd of April, 2011

  1. At the risk of dropping myself in it, if there is something for me to be dropped in since I have no idea who Gayle is and what she said (unless “she” is Chris Gayle), how did Gayle up-end me? I thought I up-ended AS.

  2. I like that you’re immune from up-ending by default, TT.

    AS too easily becomes SA.

    Question: Are cruciverbalists naturally prone to dad jokes?

  3. I am often accused of making “dead” jokes by my kids. So I guess that is as good as dad.

  4. April 1 .“This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four.” Mark Twain

    Or is this now groundhog day?

  5. Mmm 8th April and two frustrating ones left. 15D and 24A. And clues,people?

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