DA for the 18/19th of March, 2011

It’s the last weekend before I’m distracted by hulking men running around chasing footballs, so hopefully I get to make a better fist of things this week than I did last.

And hopefully DA pulls out a pearler.

Update: A very enjoyable crossie:

My southwest corner was left a little blank — BRANSON and BOND kept interfering with BEN BOYD, who I’d never heard of, and I still don’t get why ZOOMS = tears — but otherwise a lot of fun, especially ALPHA.

Also, did anyone else think to be fair = BAZAAR at the start of the clue a little big wrong? If it was <indirect clue> to be fair, I wouldn’t have had a problem with it, but to be fair <indirect clue> was a step too far in my book.

11 thoughts on “DA for the 18/19th of March, 2011

  1. My train was cancelled this morning, and the next train went down the wrong track, so I had plenty of time to work on DA this morning. Still a couple to sort out, but another good solid showing.

    26 made me laugh. 3 was satisfying when I got it.

    I usually ignore the radio on the bus, but I got to 25 while “Take a Chance on Me” was playing, which may or may not have helped!

  2. Funny – I initially misread Rupert’s comment as ‘my brain was cancelled this morning’ and I thought oh, no, there goes my weekend if Rupert’s struggling. But it was pretty good all round. Liked 22A, and 3D after some help from Ian.

  3. Like a few in here just for the fun in them: 26A, 2D, 8D and 9D. Clues like 8D bring a smile to the end of the week.

  4. This one took just one cup of coffee, and it was still warm when I finished. I liked the Aussie-isms (87 y.o. mom said, ‘Oh the hide of him’), and the jokes.

  5. It must have been easy – I set a personal unaided record of about 45 minutes (including 15 minutes over the last word, 20D). LIked 22A and 8D.

  6. Just to balance these comments up a little, I found it tough going towards the end. The RHS came out fairly quickly but for some reason the LHS was tougher, especially the bottom left. A lot of good clues: 19A, 22A, 24A, 3D, 4D, 18D. And a couple of quibbles in the other thread.

  7. Agree RB, was off to a flying start, but a struggle and lots of persistance required to get the last few. Unlike RB, it was the R that held me up, mainly because I didn’t get 6D for far too long. Liked too many clues to list, but in agreement with most others.

  8. AS, re your comments at the top about the construction of 18D BAZAAR, AG in the other thread is in your corner. And logic says I should be too. But my heart’s just not in it! I really enjoyed this clue when I finally nailed it. I love the way the definition has been disguised. Yes, it was probably unfair(!), but it was ultimately very rewarding.

    As for your other query (zoom=tear), my take is that they can both mean to move about rapidly.

  9. > I still don’t get why ZOOMS = tears

    Tear as in “to tear around the place like a wild thing” or whatever. Nothing to do with crying!

    I too got held up by [Alan] Bond and missed Ben Boyd.

  10. Re AS above, I was misled for a long while with “to be fair”, wanting the answer to be “blonde”, which would have been an excellent oblique definition (using the l & n from the ends of luhrmann in some sort of anagram). When I solved “bazaar’ I enjoyed the wordplay but felt let down with the definition which did & does seem unfair.

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