DA for the 11/12th March, 2011

This week’s DA comes at us again, and hopefully an extra special one to do over the long break (at least in Melbourne it’s a long break).

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday).

Update: A complicated one:

Didn’t get too far despite it being a long weekend: a very difficult one indeed.

Full marks to those of you who knocked it over.

17 thoughts on “DA for the 11/12th March, 2011

  1. Tough, but fair, I thought.

    I think 9A is going to be one of those love it or hate it clues.

  2. Well, after a lunchtime of DAing it doesnt look too difficult so far, and no major drama with things – The Melbourneites may need something else to keep them occupied on their days holiday. Lucky …. people!


  3. The afternoon cuppa morphed (or segued, definitely not pronounced segwayed) into a medicinal pinot noir before I managed to get this one out. I though it was good solid stuff, and particularly liked 1D.

  4. Found that this week’s could mostly be solved from the definitions, which were fairly transparent. Maybe DA’s having a well-deserved holiday too – after a great one last week.
    Liked 9a, 1a.

  5. Yeah, but still hanging out for another theme!
    I predict that theme-junkies like me will make 9A their favourite. It belongs in the individual clue pantheon alongside 13A, another absolute cracker!
    Other good ones were 14A, 22A, 1D, 2D and 5D.

  6. Very good one, tough-ish, needed s little collaboration here.

    My faves were 13a, 15a, 23a.

  7. Have missed DA last two weeks, couldn’t find him in WA papers. But did enjoy a lunch and beer at Little Creatures!

  8. Favourite this week was 13A – one of those ones that you stare and stare at knowing the answer until the light goes on and you feel pretty stupid! Oh, the joy in that stupidity!

  9. Shared Jonathan’s joy with 13A.
    And re Rupert’s predictions about 9A and comments on other thread:
    I hope I’d have DA near my hospital bed if I ever broke my humerus!
    (Must add lifelong subscription to living will.)

  10. Got all but one anf a half answers. For 7 down, the clue specified 2 words “8,7”. Barbecue = 8 letters. Stopper = 7 letters. What the heck is a barbecue stopper?

  11. @Clare: I hadn’t heard it either, but apparently it’s a comment that stops conversation. I’m not sure that’s the same thing as a hot potato.

  12. I’m not sure I agree with the posted answer for 10A here (ROAD), and in a rare happenstance I have already recycled Monday’s Age.

    I had it as ROAM: RO = ROAD (route) halved, AM = amount, although a more standard abbreviation for amount is amt. What was the canonical answer? If it was ROAD, why?

  13. IG: re 10A, I didn’t see the published answer either, but I believe it is ROAD. The explanation has been given at least twice in the Confusions thread. See these comments: David Neale on March 12th at 18:03, and Rupert on March 14th at 16:41.

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