DA on the 11/12th of February, 2011

I’m expecting something especially difficult this week, a bad cop after last week’s good cop.

Comments below, but no spoilers until Monday on this thread.

Update: Sounds like it was a reasonable one:

Unfortunately, I’ve been far too busy to get a chance to do this week’s, but here are the crossies thanks to Jonathan.

17 thoughts on “DA on the 11/12th of February, 2011

  1. Is “hain” wild weather or was it mean to have been rain? I can’t get “rain”…

  2. A couple of good teasers here (24A), and a few chuckles (25D). Though I was thrown by the non-Aussie references. This week’s took a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, and help from 87 y.o. mom with 19A.

  3. Fairly quick this week. Some good ones; I especially liked 11A. Got it done while waiting for the free bus to Festivale.

  4. A good one but a few too many clues with suspect definitions or indicators for my liking.

    But gems like 1A, 19A and 20D made it all worthwhile. Also liked 11A, 16A, 27A and 25D.

  5. I haven’t started it yet (had busy day Friday and yesterday) but guess what Trippers? Yesterday I was waiting in the waffle line at Canberra’s Multicultural Festival and who should I spot at the next line – NONE OTHER than DA himself. Of course I debated for a nanosecond whether I would like like an idiot if I went over and introduced myself….so I did. Said I was a beginner DA puzzler but managing to do a few with the help of the Trippers site. He then conceded that he also consults this site: for two purposes, to decipher his clues and to be corrected (like the ‘ohm’ clue a couple of weeks ago). I’m still excited!!!! He was truly gentlemanly. Cheers all!!

  6. I only had a couple of clue quibbles in an otherwise good but easyish crossword. I’d just like to extol the quality of 11A as an absolute classic DA clue, let down only slightly by the exclamation mark, considering it is (clearly – no spoiler here) not a &lit. It seems DA was simply emphasizing the brillliance of the clue! (For those unaware, Steven Carroll is in fact a Melbourne novelist.)

  7. I found it a little easier than usual, but with more ambiguities than normal too. There were a few answers that I wasn’t certain about, and some that I had correct without being sure why, VERY unlike DA.

  8. Some DA classics (eg 11A, 24A) but also, as GB says, dodgy indicators and synonyms.

  9. Went to a concert at the vineyards and accidentally used DA as an umbrella – although no umbra, just a ‘ell of a lot of rain. Didn’t mind the indicators. Should have guessed there’d be another Melbourne reference! And very confusing .. to come back and find it’s under 2010!

  10. Joe, in 5A, ‘kitchen vessel’ is a wok; in 6D, ‘crop dwindled’ tells you to shorten a word for (agricultural) ‘crop’.

    Gotta love 11A. Just imagine how pleased DA was when he discovered Steven Carroll hidden in Cervantes, but to then discover that Steven Carroll was a novelist! Wow!

  11. @Gayle – I think I saw something along those lines recently in a Guardian crossword, where “loses four feet” meant remove the “ell”. The best I can come up with is: “Yard and more in shadow of shelter (9).”

  12. Wow! I was assuming Steven Carroll was the actor in The 40 Year Old Virgin and The Office. :)

  13. Johnathon,

    I need your blank template. My Tassie newsagent failed to deliver my Age this weekend and I was hoping to see your regular contribution. Dave R, looks like you fared better than I (although I did enjoy Festivale).

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