A Sydney DA-Fan Meet Up

Jonathan, a frequent commenter on this blog and the supplier of the scanned crosswords each week, is wanting to organise a meet up in Sydney with any of you fine DA fans.

Comment below to organise something, perhaps over a beer or a coffee, and rejoice in anagrams, puns, pangrams, lipograms and what-have-you together.

11 thoughts on “A Sydney DA-Fan Meet Up

  1. I thought I’d leave it for the weekend and gauge the response after that, but it seems there is very little interest so far! Maybe people like anonymity.

  2. Well it looks like it might be four or five of us (RobT, DC – maybe, David H and LK). I’m in Bondi and happy to host a Saturday morning solve session (suppose we’d have to avoid doing it on a Friday!) or organise a coffee somewhere. If you want to be counted in drop me an email: jonathan@coastdesign.com.au and I’ll send you any plans. Thanks.

  3. Unfortuantley I’m on the Naw Shaw with kids, so can’t meet on a weekend. I am good for a Friday lunchtime though, and possibly after work on Friday…

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