DA on the 4/5th of February, 2011

I’m hoping this week’s ain’t as hard as last week’s (although some of you found it easy!), but more than that I’m hoping it’s jolly good.

Comment below, although no spoilers until Monday.

Update: Another jolly good show, this time a little easier than normal:

Rod and I got together at the Lounge on Swanston Street only a few hours ago to put this baby to the sword. It was a happy victory, one we were quite chuffed about. HELICOPTER PARENTS was new to us, as it was to all the people we asked around us, but we ended up liking the word after initially calling bullshit.

9 thoughts on “DA on the 4/5th of February, 2011

  1. It must be an easy one – it’s the first I’ve been able to finish without help!

  2. I enjoyed this one while sipping a cup of coffee and watching the sun rise. A couple of chuckles along the way, and a couple of good Aussie references. I liked the connections between 3D & 21D, and between 1A & 24A & 14A, 8D. The BBQ slab and Boxer were nicely misleading.

  3. Yes Peter, 5D and 20D were good and I also liked 3D, 10A, 18A, and 28A.

    But I was disappointed with the connections between 1A & 24A & 14A, 8D. The connections both seemed a bit weak – maybe it’s just me!
    Also 12A, 13D and, of course 25D, I thought lacked the usual rigour. Had to get help with 18D and 19A.

    Overall rating: very good, but not the Puppy’s Bollocks.

  4. I found this one quite easy too. But I had to look up 6D and 19A to know why they were right. Thought 20D was one of the better ones and was sadly disappointed with 26A – thought DA might be able to come up with a better clue than that!

  5. I agree – I thought this one was quite easy with all the short words and broken up answers (11A: 2,3,2 and 16A: 1,1,2 for example) but I like them. I didn’t know 19A and I had to check spelling of 2D (I am in Sydney after all!). Love that 28A is so relevant, and loved the connections from 1A to 24A to 14A,8D.

  6. Yes, much easier than usual, just needed a hint from ‘confusions’ to get 24A. Then I was able to use that to get 14A (already had 8D). Liked the misleading 20D, and was ashamed of how long it took me to get 22A!

  7. Nice one this week, I thought. A few chuckles, nothing too tricky, only 6D and 19A were new to me. And 25D was just plain wrong.

  8. Yes, I agree with most comments: easier than many. I definitely agree with RB about 25D.

  9. I have barely a scrap of scientific knowledge…so had to look up mercury, and had no problem at all with 25D!

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