DA on the 26/27th of November, 2010

I love elections and I love DA’s cryptics. Tomorrow they combine forces and I’ll be a very happy man.

Is this week’s crossword exceptional even without an election enhacing one’s mood, Sydneysiders?

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: The best of times, the worst of times:

Two well-connected themes with some very clever clues, although some very tenuous definitions and frustrating clues (now that I’ve looked at the answers — I didn’t go all that well this week!)

6 thoughts on “DA on the 26/27th of November, 2010

  1. I enjoyed it, but at the end had more “huh?” on wordplays than usual. They’ve all been explained on the other thread except one, but it suggests to me that the wordplay was overly contrived this week. I always reckon it should be realistically possible to get the answer from the wordplay, but there were a couple of pretty unlikely prospects for that this week.

    Once you have the theme, several answers are pretty easy from definition alone once you have a letter or two, which may have been the motive for making their wordplay obscure. Not sure that necessarily follows.

  2. Agree with AG about the wordplays. Managed to solve this one between Australia being 9-for and England scoring 9, but without really getting the wordplay eklements of 14d or 17d.

  3. Not sure I’ve seen a double themed crossword before!

    I also agree with AG on the wordplays. Like Dave R couldn’t see the wordplay for 17D and had similar trouble with the last part of 10A. All sorted after reading the other thread.

  4. I am in 3Dy for a wee while so most of the answers fell out within two cups of coffee, with a big guffaw for ‘little boy’

  5. Started this one late. Finished even later. Some things far too tenuous/dodgy for my taste, and a few mysteries to boot. This made me all the more determined to finish the damned thing, but now I don’t know why I bothered. Sorry, I didn’t enjoy this one!

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