DA on the 5/6th of November, 2010

Another week of frivolity, another week of DA joy.

Your reports here.

(No spoilers on this thread till Monday)

Update: A tough one that was full of curiousness:

I like an occasional rebus and CHILLAX and LOVECRAFT were two of my favourites — ACCENT was super-fantastic.

4 thoughts on “DA on the 5/6th of November, 2010

  1. Some mighty clues, but a few quibbles which I’ll post on the other thread. Liked 22a, but not sure it’s a true cryptic clue. Liked 5a as well.

  2. Loved 22a; thought it was cryptic enough in the wider sense. Also enjoyed 5d and 7d.

  3. I had misgivings about 22A too even though it was a nice clue. My favourite was 13A.

  4. I didn’t mind 22A, but see your point, Ian about whether it’s a true cryptic clue as there is no literal definition, just the wordplay. Could 11A fall into that category too?

    I also thought 13A was a good one, but my favourite was 16D, chuckled when I worked that one out.

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