DA on the 29/30th of October, 2010

DA already alluded to it and philth has confirmed it: this week’s DA is an absolute cracker.

This week’s is not one to miss.

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: A legendary pearler that cleverly combines a word search with a cryptic crossword:

A move to Brunswick, biblical rains and a divine DA creation was my happy Saturday. DA Para-Pantheon for mine — very enjoyable indeed.

7 thoughts on “DA on the 29/30th of October, 2010

  1. Possible Pantheon material, marred by a dodgy definition and an actual mistake.

  2. yes actually I went in to get the book signed yesterday and said i had a question. The ‘metal mounting’ was quickly scribbled out and replaced with ‘molten lead’ by the man himself…shame to have that blemish on an otherwise awesome feat

  3. We thought “metal mounting” was okay really, in the sense of “getting up”.

    It was one of the last three we got though.

  4. i was a bit disappointed by it, to be honest. “one of the year’s strangest crosswords”? really?!

  5. Excellent crossword! Beautifully subtle theme that I didn’t even realise was there until it was completed. Needed to read the key clue very carefully to know what to look for. Worth the effort!

    But as Ian and philth point out, severely damaged by the error at 24D.

  6. totally take this comment back now that peter has pointed out the theme! silly me!

  7. You’re not alone! Even with a fully completed crossword, I still needed Peter’s help (in the other thread) to get the “theme”.

    Agree 24D was a definite error.

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