DA in Sydney on Friday, Saturday

I thought we Melbournians had the best of it by being able to bask in DA’s divine glow at the Wheeler Centre a couple of weeks ago. But, no, it’s the Sydneysiders who should feel most privileged: DA will appear in Sydney on Friday signing books, and on Saturday he will be doing a clue clinic, which sounds like all sorts of wonderful!

More details available from DA’s own website.

8 thoughts on “DA in Sydney on Friday, Saturday

  1. No, but I have seen the classic Scorsese film, The King of Comedy, which should be in the best-of lists along with all the others.

    Curiously, that also stars Robert de Niro (and Jerry Lewis).

    De Niro was the scary fan in the Scorsese film — did he play the same role in The Fan?

    I wonder which fanatical fan I most resemble.

  2. If you really want to feed your addiction, he did a radio interview with Prue Bentley on ABC local in Ballarat on Monday, which is available to listen to.

  3. Not sure where to post this. Please help or re-direct to another psoting site.
    I will be away from the wonderful Land of Oz for a wee while, and do not know how I can access DA during that time. Is there an e-copy of DA available somewhere, or a pdf file, or some other way that I can find it while away?

  4. Peter, if you can access the SMH smart edition you can see online the newspaper as it is in print, including the crossword. If you have a subscription to the SMH the smart edition access comes with it. you can also subscribe directly to the smart edition for a fee. any other way to see DA when away?

  5. Yes, SMH Smart edition is what I do. Being a Melburnian but wanting the crossie on Friday like it always was, I buy a single edition every Friday ($2 a pop), navigate to the right page, and there is an option to print a selected area of the page. $2 is less than the coffee I drink while doing it.

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