DA on the 15/16th of October, 2010

DA mentioned in his talk at the Wheeler Centre that he was particularly proud of a themed crossword that should be appearing this month some time.

Is this week’s the one DA was referring to?

(No spoilers on this thread till Monday)

Update: What a wonderful weave we wend through with DA:

I spent Saturday signing a lease — I’ll be a resident of Brunswick and in cohabitating bliss by Tuesday next week — and generally running around, DA clues crossing my head, before enjoying the night as the only rooster at a hen’s night.

A very enjoyable crossword even if I was a few short of a complete sheet.

And a very wonderful set of clever definitions: avec croc, gifted courier, snag’s knowledge, potentially back-breaking, sidekick.

5 thoughts on “DA on the 15/16th of October, 2010

  1. Wow, in consecutive weeks I am the first to report in. I completed the grid during morning tea, with one question about the word play in 11A. Now what am I going to do Friday night?

  2. Nice medium-difficulty job; particularly enjoyed 14A, 23A, 24A and 3D. And if I could persuade myself that the definition part of 8D wasn’t just a little off-beam, that one would be clue of the week. Couple of wordplay queries in other thread.

  3. Ok, so given that I had the letter T, and nothing else, here’s why 18D should have been TITANIC:
    1. It’s a movie title.
    2. It’s a “Plug for a load bearer” (eg. “This guy is so strong he’s positively Titanic”)
    ….that answer seemed clear enough to write in properly instead of faintly, but completely wrecked solving the rest of the bottom right corner for me.

  4. Welcome to Brunswick!
    I was out of the country on Saturday – and out of wi-fi signal range. Does anyone happen to have a digitised unfilled copy (before I’m tempted to read any of the threads)? Will be facing the same predicament this week.

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