DA and the Confusions for the 17/18th of September, 2010

Here’s where you have your questions sorted, so feel free to right what you like and have your confusions resolved.

20 thoughts on “DA and the Confusions for the 17/18th of September, 2010

  1. 4D was a neat play on words, and I liked 12A simply because I was mislead by Lara and eventually had to look up the meaning of bingle in OED. When I phoned 87 y.o. mom (to brag that I got it out over just one cup of coffee) she was swearing about DA.

  2. Three queries. First, I don’t quite see how 1D hangs together. Either ‘creep’ has to lose a letter along the way to the solution or else ‘cree’ is a sleazy type (and I don’t want to go that route). Unless ‘type has slipped’ means a transposition misprint, but then ‘type is doing double duty and ‘core is superfluous. Explanation, please?

    And if 15A is PATCH TEST, can someone explain the wordplay?

    And if 26D is TAG (good Australian Rules term), how is ‘up rod’ GAT?

    Like Ian in the other thread, I felt the 7D was a bit too indirect – even though i got it quite easily – if that’s not contradicting myself.

  3. 15A Anagram of stopwatch, less how.

    1A, I took to be creep slips core (e) to the end (possible with a down clue)

  4. Agree with JD re 1D and 15A.

    26D GAT = slang for gun (gatling gun); rod also slang for gun

    But I need help with wordplay for 27A

  5. Re 27A: “perhaps” seems superfluous to me. Anyone got a good explanation?

  6. Re 15A, clock would be as obscure an anagram indicator as any in DA in recent months & there has been lots of complaint about this before. I can only think that to clock someone means to hit them or else to time them & neither suggests anagram to me. I take the approach now that any word in any clue, regardless of meaning, may indicate an anagram. Am I missing something?

  7. “any word in any clue, regardless of meaning, may indicate an anagram”.

    I think that’s a wise move. I’ve been operating on that basis for some time now! In this particular case, I took it be the slang meaning of to clock, which is to strike/hit/punch, and as such I wouldn’t say it’s DA’s most obscure anagram indicator of late. But the positioning of a verb anagind AFTER the fodder doesn’t seem quite right to me.

  8. One of the pittosporum varieties (sweet pittosporum) is all too common in some areas. Although native to eastern Australia, it is now an environmental weed in many states, crowding out other local plants.

  9. Would someone enlighten me about how ‘old cordial’ produces “GI” in 28A? I must be too youthful to know …

  10. I’ve never heard of it either, but I did find a couple of fleeting references using Google.

  11. We always had GI cordial in the cupboard when I was a kiddy in the 70s. a dark green “lime” (as we called it) cordial. delicious! and I never even wondered what GI stood for! anyone?

  12. Some complaints on 7D. i’ve got no problem with this type of clue even if it is against the “rules” of cryptic crosswords. DA mentioned in his SMH column the other week that it is a no-no to require anagrams of unwritten words but he seems happy to require a part or an unwritten word – or in 9A, which seems to be in the same category as 7D, a part of the reversal of an unwritten word. in each case, Thelma and plume stand out as obvious contenders for the sought word. If the required word wasn’t so obvious then I would have a problem with this type of clue.

    Other problems for me, 10A, ACA a news show?! don’t think so. perhaps a current affairs show?

    16D, suite?

    RB, for 27A DA uses perhaps because he wants us to accept his bogus use of shutter. shut might be a synonym for close but you can’t then appropriate a definition of close (to end) and give it to shut. Closers works in the clue in the cryptic sense but has no surface meaning. Shutters gives a surface allusion of furniture in the bog but makes no sense cryptically.

    14D is a very nice &lit but I am going to go with “Tennis champ sees crude model losing bottom in rising gases.”. goes well with 15D i think.

  13. RV, your clue for 14D is an absolute ripper!! It’s intriguing to speculate whether DA thought along the same lines as you, but had the good taste to reject it! BTW I wouldn’t have classified DA’s clue as &lit.

    I share your concern about 16D (suite=room). But, re 10A, to suggest ACA might perhaps be considered a current affairs show is surely stretching the language too far!

    Re 27A, your explanation is a good one – “shutters” doesn’t really work as a direct indication to take the last letters, so DA uses “perhaps” in an attempt to lead the solver to think “closers”, which does work as a “last letters” indication. So this clue is a bit like 7D and 9A in its indirectness.

  14. GI is short for “Green Ice” a fantastic lime cordial even us youngsters used to drink in the late 80s!

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