The Perplexities: DA on the 27/28th of August, 2010

Questions, queries and whatnot here.

13 thoughts on “The Perplexities: DA on the 27/28th of August, 2010

  1. Some typical risque DA clues: 1A, 25A, 21D (cheeky).

    I thought 6A/9A was a pretty good &lit (and it was good to see the trailing “!” this week). But my favourites were 14A and 5D.

    Only one complaint. In 21D, the definition lacks an apostrophe. I know the setter’s punctuation should never be trusted, but here the solver has to ignore the LACK of punctuation! And that (lack of) punctuation is not in the wordplay but in the definition! Is this going too far?

  2. I liked it, although I got 10A wrong (out by a letter). I also don’t understand the slug bit of 13D.

  3. In 13D, for me this was another case of got the answer, solve the word play. My take on it, and i could be wrong, is that slug (as in slug gun) is ammo and wanting a is mmo.

  4. Despite “solving” it pretty quickly, there are several answers that I cannot fully work out: 6A/9A, 25A, 3D, 5D.

  5. TT:
    6A/9A is &lit – the wordplay is an anagram of “Net-lag horrific, a flaw” plus the middle letter (“e”) of “suppression”. The anagind is “foreign”. Took me a while to work that one out!

    25A, I think, is:
    “Having sex” = MOUNTING
    “good deal” = TON
    “superbly” = WELL

    3D is:
    “present” = NOW
    “lout in trucks” = l out in lorries = ORRIES

    5D is a beauty!
    “Kiwi perhaps” is the definition. And it’s an anagram of “helps his” plus “oo”.

  6. RB,


    6A/9D: Figured there must be an anagram somewhere; just couldn’t find it.

    25A: Sussed the MOUNTING, but couldn’t quite place the TON and WELL.

    3D: Forgot about “lout” equalling “L out”.

    5D: While I was in the shower I remembered that I actually knew how this worked.

  7. I was OK with the missing apostrophe in 21D, but I felt “migrate” in 5D was a typical DA beyond-the-pale anagram indicator. Can anyone spell out the 6/9A anagram work for me, please – I can’t pin it down.

    RB will note I duplicated his/her one-word comment on 21D in the other thread. It’s even parenthesized the same way, but I swear it was independently produced. I don’t want to be the butt of plagiarism accusations.

  8. AG, the 6/9A anagram is as I said above – “Net-lag horrific, a flaw” plus “e” (the middle letter of “suppression”). “Foreign” is the anagram indicator and NOT part of the anagram fodder.

    AG, I thought “migrate” was OK as an anagram indicator in 5D, because it implies movement. But I suppose you could argue that it means going somewhere else and doesn’t imply rearrangement.

  9. Aw man, Stamina makes perfect sense! It just screwed up my Beef Mince for 15D – which I was cranky about anyway, because I thought it must be a bad definition….

  10. According to Wikipedia, Yulara is a small town 18km by road from Ayers Rock.
    The wordplay goes like this:
    “Articulate” is the homophone indicator and “solver” = you, so “articulate solver” = YU
    Caribbean legend = LARA (Brian Lara, the cricketer)

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