DA for the 9/10th of July, 2010

Do we approve of DA’s cryptic love note this week?

(No spoilers on this post till Monday)

Update: An everyday DA, which amounts to a very good crossword indeed:

Some excellent red herrings, but I’m still one of those who prefers to avoid using a dictionary or Google, hence a few blank spaces.

8 thoughts on “DA for the 9/10th of July, 2010

  1. Agree – reasonably straightforward although I did have to go to Google for 13A and 9D. The good stuff for mine: 1A, 22A, 25A, 8D, 19D. Perhaps a couple of quibbles which I’ll note on the other thread.

  2. Ditto from me too. Main enjoyments for me were a couple of nicely camouflaged definitions – in particular 18A & 19D.

  3. Easiest for a long while, I think, but enjoyable and no major complaints. Couple of Googles for me too.

  4. This is the first time I have solved a full DA from start to finish by myself – no goggle, no crosswordsolva, ziparoo!
    Reason was we went up to the snow (Buller) Friday night; impossible weather on Saturday – so found an Age A3 and went to work. (No Age; they were all sold to people not skiing!) No computer. Picked the first (1A) in a flash as the wind howled and the rain rivetted the roof. Then went to work for the rest of the day and night.
    Got the final three while lunching Sunday at the Whit – for those who know it.
    Is it time to retire?

  5. Top work, GH.

    It’s certainly not time to retire. Rather, you’ve got an excuse to head to the mountains week after week.

  6. GH I think it gets easier once you have solved one completely – you start to think the way DA thinks (at which point none of the other Age cryptics during the week satisfy any more). I still remember the first complete DA I solved; it was the Mark Twain themed one of a couple of years ago. Before that it was an achievement just to get a few clues out. You must have a background in geology to get pele’s hair without google or a dictionary. I just love the controversy re editorial stuff ups at the Age & SMH – I can’t imagine another setter generating such outrage. As AS said, top work.

  7. Are you kidding me? I’ve solved the odd one completely – then I’m back to being a novice the very next week. Truth is, nobody thinks like DA. Thank Goodness!

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