DA on the 2/3rd of July, 2010

Joy? Sorrow? Frustration? Release?

(No spoilers until Monday)

Upload: One of the best non-thematic DAs:

Some high quality, clever clues on this one. Quite impressive.

6 thoughts on “DA on the 2/3rd of July, 2010

  1. Another solid crossie from DA this week; amusing and quite challenging.My faves 11A 14A 17A 23A and the best;8D.(good fun)

  2. I thought 13A was superb. Have an answer for 6D but don’t understand wordplay. Look forward to explanation from someone tomorrow. 27A, 1A easy to guess but wordplay obscure especially 27A word.

  3. I think H is horse as in a form guide where 4H refers to a four year old entire and 5G refers to a five year old gelding.

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