DA Confused Me on the 18/19th of June, 2010

Confused? Perplexed? Your Saturday crossword a large question mark?

Have your perplexities worked out here.

28 thoughts on “DA Confused Me on the 18/19th of June, 2010

  1. I’m stuck on 11A, 27A – any hint welcome.

    One whinge re 1D, a fault IMO to which DA is occasionally prone: the definition part of the clue is much too specific a case.

  2. I’ll swap you a 27 A for a 23D.
    27A -Think hair dye.
    Stuck on 11A as well.
    And what is the explanation for 7D?

  3. Hints:
    11A: it’s an oblique definition
    23D: you can also drink out of these
    7D: This is an allusion to possible wordplay

  4. Sorry, re 11A, i mean the definition part of the clue is oblique, not that the entire clue is an oblique definition

  5. Re 5A: weak = POOR, Swan = COB , POOR seizes COB = PO-COB-OR, and then the whole is reflected

    Re 11A – it’s not just the definition that is oblique! I can’t get it, I’m afraid.

  6. Re 11A: dee is English river, Jay is bird, jerking vinyl records back & forth is scratching.
    23D: mugging for a photgraph is what celebrities do, apparently
    Learned from this crossword that stir is a term for prison and sept a word for clan
    I give up on 7D – it can only be 2 answers but the wordplay is beyond me & I look forward to someone helping

  7. Thanks to all for the clues. Actually got DEEJAY lying in bed last night – dunno how I missed it for so long. Nice clue.

    Macquarie tells me that there is indeed a verb ‘to HENNA’. Well, I’ll be.

    Sept was new to me, too.

    While I got MUGS fairly early because ‘to mug’ is to overact ridiculously on stage or screen, the paparazzi-ambush bit still seems … meh. As, OK, many paparazzi targets are in fact actors, and a mug-shot is a photograph under other circumstances … it’s all a bit vague.

  8. sept was new to me too

    AG, think “mug” as in to mug someone on the street for their wallet

  9. Apologies if I am completely missing something, for the life of me I still can’t don’t understand 7D at all?

  10. Yes, mic is right, I think. scathed = injured. As AG notes re. 1D, dubious definitions are DA’s achilles heel.
    (Or do others think that injured => scathed, and pages => hired hands are fair & reasonable?)

  11. Ooh okay thanks mic. I just found stumbled upon this site and am sure I will be a regular visitor for the ones I just can not get my head around.

  12. 27 A – Chook = Hen, repulsed (reversed) Senior teacher = Dean
    Gives Hennaed
    16 A, I make out to be Falls and Faints (keels over) losing heads to give All Saints, but I don’t know why the ‘quietly’ is there.

  13. i do. F means loud. quietly negates this (for ‘falls’). Then ‘faints’ loses its head.
    Thanks BTW

  14. I am ok with “pages” (in US corporate speak, like interns) as hired help. Less sure about “scathed”; in fact, never read or heard it used before, as opposed to everyday usage of “scathing”; presumably it is archaic, presumably a “scathe” is a cut or scar.

  15. while ‘scathed’ is not a familiar word to my ear, ‘UNscathed’ certainly is
    just as ‘ruthless’ is familiar to me, i rarely outside of crosswords see reference to ‘ruth’ itself

    norma khouri and houri both required my googling

    and it wasn’t until i consulted a dictionary that i believed ‘para’ is an accepted shortening of ‘para’graph’

  16. I suspect that both the Scots and the Welsh would lay claim to a Dee river before the Poms …

  17. This was a ripper crossword! Many many great clues! I particularly liked ROYAL FLUSH. But I do have a couple of queries:

    10A: The full clue is “Champion on board with openers, keeping extremely loyal after (5,6)”.
    The best I can do is:
    “Champion on board” = KELLY SLATER
    “openers, keeping extremely loyal” = KEL or maybe KELL
    “after” = LATER
    So how do you explain the LYS or YS?

    6D: Full clue is “I arrive up north by way of the country (7)”.
    My explanation is:
    “I arrive up” = I LOB up = BOLI
    “by way of” = VIA
    “the country” = BOLIVIA
    So what’s the purpose of the word “north” – it seems superfluous to me since the clue already contains “up”.

    Re discussion on “injured” = “scathed”, I thought this was OK. Unusual word maybe, but an accurate synonym.

    Re “pages” = “hired help”, I agree with AG (very first comment above). He says “One whinge re 1D, a fault IMO to which DA is occasionally prone: the definition part of the clue is much too specific a case.”

  18. re 10a, openers are keys, containing ll (extremely loyal), then later for after as you said

  19. Of course! Thanks JK. Because “keeping” starts with a “k”, I was fixated on “openers” meaning the first letter of each of the next three words (K,E,L); or the first two letters of “keeping” (KE) followed by LL (extremely loyal).

    Can you shed any light on my query about “up north” in 6D?

  20. I too was misled by the “openers’ part of the clue & assumed it referred to first letters of words when I first thought about the clue. There is a lot of this in DA – singers for birds, openers for keys, strides which could be steps or trousers, ambiguous or hidden anagram indicators. All part of the fun of course.

    I tend to agree re 6D. Either the up or the North is redundant. My only other thought is that the clue flows better as a sentence with both words in and would have sounded clunky with either of them missing.

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