DA on the 11/12th of June

A soccer theme, maybe?

Come what may, go Australia, Greece, Uruguay, North Korea and New Zealand!

(No spoilers till Monday. Talk freely about the World Cup, though)

8 thoughts on “DA on the 11/12th of June

  1. No soccer , but a theme nonetheless. Some quite nifty clues and one beastie….9A:very obscure but cryptically rather clever and my pick for the week.

  2. Enjoyable crossword this week. Still a few more to nut out(9A being one of them) I liked 6 A, and 22,20 was cute.

  3. I just found a copy of this DA yesterday, and am still struggling with the bottom LH corner. It took ages to get 13A, and only stumbled upon it because I like Quince Paste and Burnt Fig Jam. Mom attempted it on her 87th birthday, but ended up throwing it on the floor and stamping on it.

  4. Peter, did she stamp on the Burnt Fig Jam or this DA crossie? If the latter, then I can understand why!

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