DA on the 14/15th of May, 2010

What DA’s tricks this week?

(No spoilers on this post until Monday)

Update: A very solid piece of work:

Like last week, I couldn’t quite solve the last couple.

5 thoughts on “DA on the 14/15th of May, 2010

  1. Nice little crossie from DA this week; some obscurities in 3D and 9A but I enjoyed11A( the most) and 8D 14A and 16D were goodies also.

  2. DG, we Sydneysiders get our weekly hit on Friday in the SMH. that’s why we have to wait until Monday for spoilers.

  3. Had a much tougher wrestle with this one than last week’s – well into Sunday instead of over by lunchtime Saturday. NW and SW corners were particularly elusive. Favorites probably 11A, 14A and 28D, which was the last one I got.

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