DA Gold (from the 30th April/1st of May)

Yes, it’s back:

23 across: Pennant regulars keeping fit? Vice versa (9)
Clever: pennant regulars keeping fit? Vice versa = enn keeping belong vice versa = belong keeping enn = bennelong = theme.

25 across: Likely leader to come second (6)
A delight to the clue’s words all snug in the same semantic range: likely leader to come second = odds on leader to come second = Dodson = theme.

4 down: Mouth, say, true to form (7)
Wonderfully-well-hidden anagram: say, true to form = estuary = mouth.

7 down: Some pang in atrium! (6)
I’ll nearly always include &lits in DA Gold: some pang in atrium! = some pang in atrium! = angina = some pang in atrium!.

22 down: Ringmaster makes bet about no ring vanishing? (6)
Excellent reference to the composer: makes bet about no ring vanishing? = wager about no o vanishing = wagnoer – o = Wagner = ringmaster.

21 down: A crossword legend in love, cherished Old England (6)
I loved the reference to a legend of the trade: a crossword legend in love cherished = a LB in o cherished = Albion = Old England.

26 across: 20-across’s (Mark Ella) sister Pat? (8)
Freakin’ brilliant, the pick of the bunch: Mark Ella’s sister Pat? = Pat Ella = Kneebone = theme.

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