The Confusions (from the 30th April, 1st May)

Here’s where you have your questions resolved!

Update: and here are my questions:

13 down: Fox’s forte: programme hub in top retentive quality (10)
Got the answer, missed the explanation.

5 down: Endeavour botanist thus a fisherman? (8)
No clue.

14 across: High road… (8)
I’m sure this one’s easy and that I’ll be disappointed at having missed it.

22 down: Ringmaster makes bet about no ring vanishing? (6)
No answer, no real idea how to approach it either.

24, 22 across: Two days sorting through endless trash (4, 6)
I’m betting I’ve never heard of this person.

15 thoughts on “The Confusions (from the 30th April, 1st May)

  1. Frustrated here. Did most of it in double-quick time, and really enjoyed the theme and some clever clues, especially 26A.

    But I’ve been stuck for ages on 12A, 25A, 13D. No clues yet, please – I’ll revisit them tomorrow first.


    16D: Nicely hidden definition, but can someone decode the wordplay for me?

    6D: Wordplay not quite there for me. I’m seeing anagram of ‘rich’, then ‘sever’ … where’s the ‘t’? And why ‘essentially’? (Unless ‘essentially’ is supposedly = ‘to a T’, which is drawing a very long bow…)

    And do we conclude from 3D that Cockneys don’t distinguish between hard ‘O’ and ‘U’ vowel sounds?

    16d: (a)lien in June
    6d: T ( middle letter of partner) after rich* + sever
    As for 3d I’m with you on the mangled vowel

  3. I’m pretty good with the pronunciation too. I pronounce that “u” as an “o”.

  4. 14A Coumpound word 5/3 if that’s any help. (Male, TV)
    5D New word for me. I tripped over it by accident. hint – Banks is not involved at all. Thus = So
    22 D Go to the opera.
    24,22 An anagram in the middle of ‘endless trash’
    Hope that helps

  5. 14A I think better known as a politician, but perhaps DA is referring to the uncle Les, author of The Rainbow Beach Man !

  6. According to Wikipedia, after his political career (with the Democrats) ended in 2005, Aden Ridgeway became the new host of ABC Television’s “Message Stick” programme, and is also the inaugural chairman of Indigenous Tourism Australia.

    AS: Welcome back! I’m assuming JD’s hints have solved all your queries apart from 13D, which I thought was a shocker. Here’s my take on 13D:
    Fox’s forte = TRICKINESS
    programme hub = R
    top retentive quality = (s)TICKINESS

    3d: Agree homophone is poor. For me, the vowel sounds are different. Close, but different. Usually I’m alone when discussing homophone vowel issues, so it’s nice to have some support this time.

    Do I have the explanation for 12A correct? It looks like a triple def to me:
    Australian flower = HUNTER (river)
    one seeks = HUNTER (actually “one who seeks”)
    And I guess it’s RUBY (singer-songwriter, wife of Archie Roach) – had to Google for that.

  7. Thanks to all for their responses and explanations. Got 12A from a friend and subsequently got 13A, but inexplicably stalled on 25A (and what a nice clue that is). Now that it’s all over, I liked it a lot, except for three recourses to Google to explain 3D, 5D and 24/22A.

    I’m embarrassed that I missed the simple wordplay in JULIENNE. I’d got myself hooked on JUL for the midyear reference.

  8. re 5D, surely ‘lander’ = fisherman is suss? Or is it just I don’t know any fishermen?

  9. JG – the question mark at the end of the clue indicated it was an obscure answer. Hence a fisherman is a ‘lander’ of fish

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