Happy DA Times (30th April, 1st May)

I really do wish the DA was back on a Friday in Melbourne. That way I’d have far more time to do it while performing my work-day rites.

Nevertheless, DA is still around, and DA is here to be commented on.

(No spoilers until Monday)

Update: Your favourable reviews inspired me: after a long break, I’ve done a DA:

It was quality, a very solid performance indeed, para-Pantheon for mine. And even more exciting: I was able to write my partner’s hallowed name into a hallowed DA.

Happy times.

5 thoughts on “Happy DA Times (30th April, 1st May)

  1. I like the theme, but was sorry not to see some wonderful names (e.g. the poets, artists and scientists), so I am looking forward to another DA on this theme!

  2. After initially thinking DA was veering too far into Sunday Times Crossword territory, I warmed to this one. The theme gradually emerged and it was quite good fun. The best for mine:23A and 25A.

  3. This one should go in the pantheon, for mine. Still the odd dodgy anagram indicator, but the theme was brilliant. 26a was my favourite

  4. I’ve just worked 26a out – genius!

    Pretty straightforward once the theme reveals itself. But now what do I do for the rest of a rainy Saturday?

  5. Pretty straightforward?? Not for me – too much googling required e.g. 12A, 20A, 24A/22A, 3D, 5D, 21D. Nevertheless, it was a memorable crossword. My favourites: 23A, 25A, 26A, 4D, 7D, 22D.

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