DA on the 23rd/24th of April

I’m thinking a war-themed crossword for this Anzac weekend.

Am I close?

(No spoilers here until Monday)

8 thoughts on “DA on the 23rd/24th of April

  1. No, thank goodness; but a very amusing and entertaining crossie from DA this week, some quite ingenious constructions. My picks: 5A,14A,17A,24A,1D and 3D(educational!)

  2. Great fun this weekend. I laughed a lot when I FINALLY got 7D (my favourite) and 28A. After a couple of months of doing DA, I’m beginning to think along the same lines as him. I’m not sure if I should celebrate or seek therapy…

  3. The last half was hard work! 3D, 7D were my favourites. Also 27A, although it was one of the last to go in.

  4. Damm, I had ‘publisher’ instead of ‘photoshop’. Explains why the bottom corner didn’t work.

  5. DA’s best for a while IMO. No real whinges about any clues, and a number of excellent ones. It took a while and a bit of teamwork.

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