DA from the 9/10th of April

So what’s going down this week?


(No spoilers until Monday)

Update: Another poor effort by me — I only had a quick glance at the crossword and go much further than solving a couple of clues.

3 thoughts on “DA from the 9/10th of April

  1. I think this must have been the easiest for a long while; certainly the fastest I’ve ever completed a DA. Some good ones, too. I liked 11A, 27A and 13D.

  2. In general, I’d agree with that assessment but there were still some tough ones, especially in the bottom half. I thought it was even more of a mixed bag than usual. Some superb clues (10A, 27A, 20D). I liked 1A and 5A too. And some dodgy stuff too, IMO.

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