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In the comments of another post, di said the following:

Hi..I’m assuming this is the miscellaneous thread…if any of you DA freaks loiter in the general vicinity of St.Kilda/Elwood/Caulfield/Elsternwick in Melb on a Saturday morning and would like to catch up over a DA crossie and coffee at a designated cafe (depending on response) register your interest!…( No obligation, free deal)Soy lattes/ciggies/kids/single/married/elderly parents etc…all welcome!!! Thanks…

Although I’m often in that area (my girlfriend lives there), I won’t be this weekend. Di will, though, so go meet up with her for a communal crack at the DA.

Feel free to discuss logistics in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Meeting Up

  1. I just had 4 years living in that area, not that I’m Puckapunayal now. I might take up this offer some time.

  2. Sounds great!. I’m bayside and have finally dispensed with Saturday basketball. (it is now on Sunday). Might be able to make it occasionally.

  3. Thanks JD,DG,NF (Il Fornaio/great place) and boyfriend of Di (sorry,but your initials are a bit of a mystery)

    A loose arrangement was what I was hoping for…just wanted to put out a call to those who felt inclined to have a crack at a DA crossie from time to time.

    Here’s my suggested locations, but feel free to suggest elsewhere like NF:

    Gattica Cafe 223 Carlisle St Balaclava…handy to train/tram

    Turtle Cafe 34 Glenhuntly Rd Elwood…cnr GH Rd/ Ormond Rd…at the roundabout…haven’t been there in ages, but remember plenty of tables and chairs.

    Loco Cafe 436 Glenhuntly Rd Elsternwick…fab coffee!!! Opposite COLES…and what a diabolical shopping experience that place can be btw!!!

    Time: around 10 ish somewhere or is this too early for those of you who maybe vertically challenged on a Sat. morning?


  4. Now here comes the hard part- trying to achieve consensus. It may be easier just to let you choose, and those who are interested fit in. They all seem like good options.

  5. Yes JD…the dilemma of a general consensus!

    Ok, for this week, Sat. 10th,I will be at LOCO around 10ish if anyone wishes to drop in. I guess waving the crossie around in a restrained manner, although unseemly, maybe a mildly more dignified option than wearing an oversized name tag!!!

    P.S. Please don’t all stampede at once…as this too may appear unseemly!!!


    How to identify each other?

  6. oops! That final line in my message should have appeared after the ‘wishes to drop in’ bit…#%*&!$ computers!!!


  7. I’m thinking of the Get Smart option. “Nice day for a Daytrip”
    To be responded by “I’m finally used to Saturdays”

  8. Groovy…a covert operation option…reckon Sigfried might say that’s ‘SHMART’

  9. wrong city for me … but hope you all manage to turn up at the right table! (I have visions of someone else struggling with DA at said cafe and wondering why all these strangers keep saying hello …)

  10. I’ll follow proceedings from the wilds of outback Queensland and look forward to joining the group in a month. It will be fun–nothing worse than sittting in a cafe on your own, working out the hardest clue in the universe, and having no-one to share it with (unless, of course, its not soving any clues and slinking away quietly). BTW–what’s the collective noun for cruciverbalists–a conundrum?, a quandary?

  11. An update for those left wondering… Di an I had a productive morning at Loco, great coffee and atmosphere. Nutted out a few hairy clues, groaned, sniggered, left with 3 unanswered. Just to let Di know, I’ve since worked them out, so I have the satisfaction of a completed crossword, although Dave has squashed that glory by declaring it one of the easiest crosswords for a while. Hope to repeat the experience again soon, maybe with a group rather than a couple.

  12. Nice to catch up JD…have had to dispense with crossie without nutting out the last three… my cat decided to vomit on it during the night!!!

  13. I was in Europe when the Easter DA (outside the square) crossword was published. All my sources where I live have the edition that did not have DA in it (yes, us folk in the country are at quite a disadvantage). Does anyone have a blank copy of this DA that they could get to me somehow (if so, let me know if it is pdf file or hard copy and I will give a suitable address on this site)?

  14. AS, you’re brilliant. I clicked on this image a couple of weeks ago and it was heavily pixilated and I couldn’t read it, but this time it came through very sharp and I now have printed a copy I can enjoy doing (gee, two DAs in one weekend!). Thank you.

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