DA for the 12/13th of March

What’s the story this week?

(No spoilers until Monday)

Update: A good one, although one I didn’t do so well completing…

A lot to love in this one, just I didn’t have the joy of solving a lot of it. I’m still shocked I missed CHAINSAW — I had already figured out TASK = CHORE, but I never made the leap to RATIONAL = SANE.

15 thoughts on “DA for the 12/13th of March

  1. Agreed …..clever,funny and entertaining; what more could you want.Liked 8A 20A and 5D. My faves : 14A and 15D.

  2. Yep, no *issues* this week…a very pleasing DA cryptic…had a bit of everything going on…e.g. particularly like 15D style clue he pops in from time to time

  3. Me too – lovely piece of work, no peeves (except that I’m not from Sydney), and all wordplay eventually clear. I did have what looked like a good fit for 15D but couldn’t work out the ‘why’ for a while; then when others seemed to love it I looked again and realised I’d had the second letter wrong).

    Gold clues: 14A, 19A, 5D, 15D.

  4. I enjoyed this. As a wine buff I might quibble ever so gently with 11A (hope that’s not a spoiler, please delete if so). Lots of good stuff: 15D, 16A, 14A, 19A, 4D, 18A …

  5. Very enjoyable. The last five or six took a while to get out. Favourites were 20A, 2D, 15D, 16A.

  6. 5 more to get, can’t get my head around 17,19D nor a tational rask for 5D, if I can crack them, hopefully that will open up 16A,19A and 23A

  7. 4 to get, just got 23A, still doesn’t help with 17,19D. Time to put this to bed and head up to the local for a cleansing ale.

  8. I agree RB – very enjoyable this week and a personal best – only 16A left blank, albeit with a couple I have pencilled in confidently without fully de-crypting (1D and 12A). I always feel slightly disingenuous doing this – as if I may be breaking some crossword code of ethics. I’ll seek atonement tomorrow.

  9. PMc – my concern is the direct clue. Chardonnay grapes from exactly the same vineyard, but from two or more different years, could be blended to form a wine of the description in 11A. In my view this is the same origin, rather than of mixed origin. But as I said it is only a very minor quibble.

  10. JJ…re.5D Can I suggest with Spoonerism clues not to swap the first letters of the words ‘rational task’…so think of words that could mean ‘rational’ and ‘task’ and then swap the the first letter of those words…not sure i’ve explained that clearly without doing a spoiler…hope you enjoyed the cleansing ale

  11. CS, my Mom (86 years old) missed 16A (with a PB for DA for quite a while), but sure had a good belly laugh when I explained the answer to her !

  12. Thanks Peter – not sure if that makes me feel better or not! Actually I had considered it but wrongly assumed it would end “ier”. Cheeky stuff.

  13. Peter…your mum sounds ‘grouse’…please keep up the weekly installments!

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