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  1. I should have probably asked the question here first rather than bother DA on his blog, but has anyone finished the Meanjin DA crossword?

    Without revealing the clue’s answer, can anyone tell me if mag network’s sound courage (5) actually does have an answer that can fit into the grid?

    By my reckoning, there’s not a word in existence that could fit given the cross clues.

  2. Nearly finished. Apart from the clue you mention (surely everyone will need Google for that one), I found the 7-letter words the hardest. And I just can’t get the last two.

  3. A little easier than DA’s usual clues, I thought, but made more interesting by the unnumbered placement. Incidentally, that is a variation on a technique occasionally used by one or two Guardian compilers in the old days – would be nice if DA could repeat it sometime in the Age/SMH.

    DA did give a hint in his intro about the nature of 1A, AS (with which you’ve probably since made the connection). That helped me get it when it was the last one I had left.

  4. Hi..I’m assuming this is the miscellaneous thread…if any of you DA freaks loiter in the general vicinity of St.Kilda/Elwood/Caulfield/Elsternwick in Melb on a Saturday morning and would like to catch up over a DA crossie and coffee at a designated cafe (depending on response) register your interest!…( No obligation, free deal)Soy lattes/ciggies/kids/single/married/elderly parents etc…all welcome!!! Thanks…

  5. that sounds wonderful. will be away for a few weeks but love to join in some time in May. Could I suggest Il Fornaio in Acland Street, near Fitzroy St.–good coffee, congenial atmosphere, friendly staff.

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