6 thoughts on “DA on the 12/13th of Feb, 2010

  1. Not bad at all; really like DA’s short clues :16A 17A 21A as opposed to 25A (clunky).2D features his new “ruse” and 22A caused a chuckle. My picks 17A & 21A.Actually 16A too.

  2. The “ruse” also appears in 19a, if you mean what I think you mean, though I don’t think it’s all that new. 17a was gold, and 13d was amusing.

  3. I found this as easy a DA as we’ve seen for a long time. Not coincidentally, also a large number of gold clues (too many to list), no duds and only one query, over in the Confusions thread.

  4. Yes, an easier DA today. But very clean with no errors or BS, and I very much liked 19A, 2D, 5D, and 13D. 16A, too … a neat semi-&lit.

  5. Some authors indicate apostrophes in the answer eg 19A ……. (3’1,5) but DA doesn’t. Is this bad form?

  6. Yes! I believe it is (bad form). He did the same with Pandora’s Box a few weeks ago.

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