The Verdict on the First DA of Feb, 2010

Good, bad, indifferent?

I reckon it’s time for a theme. Have I guessed correctly?

(No spoilers on this post until Monday)

Update: It’s a theme all right:

Yes, this one’s a sweet delight, and an excellent head bender even when the key 4-down is put away. I’ve ultimately been held back from taking it all out with what I find most difficult: DA’s short clues.

Part of the Para Pantheon at least.

10 thoughts on “The Verdict on the First DA of Feb, 2010

  1. Not just a theme, but a rather tricky operational puzzle in the style of the Guardian Genius. Essentially you have to work out 4 down, and apply that as an instruction on eight other clues.
    Pantheon, for mine.

  2. Almost done.
    Just can’t get 24 across and 19 down.
    It’s killing me!!!!!!!

  3. It’s good , it’s very good…………it’s a DA classic. Too many goodies to mention , but then again: 22D a classic.

  4. re 22D: this is actually DA genius to have as the last clue of this crossword. How appropriate!

  5. I’m having a shocker. Five words in an hour, and one of them I don’t fully understand. I desperately need 4D, if only to get eight cross-letters! Another hour of this and I’ll head over to the other thread for a crib.

  6. Update… aha! Just got 4D. No idea how it’s to be applied as per instruction, but I guess that’ll come.

  7. So, five in the first hour, then the rest came pretty quickly (but with the aid of Google for 3D and 19D).

    Certainly some classic clues, and the theme is a nice one. Now over to the “Huh?” thread – I’ve got several of those, and a complaint or two.

  8. Yes, I too needed Google for those two, AG.

    Lots of Terrific clues. 22D, as has already been mentioned, is absolutely brilliant!

    Not sure whether it’s Pantheon material. I have too many issues at this stage. Let’s see what’s in the “Huh?” thread.

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