16 thoughts on “DA Retrospectively: 11th May, 2007

  1. I remember this one – it’s a nice one-joke puzzle. But people with an interest in wordplay outside cryptics (which is probably most solvers), once they get the keys 10A and 8D (which aren’t too hard in themselves), get a lot of free follow-ons, and the whole thing falls out pretty quickly.

  2. I’ve been doing DA for less than two years so this was new to me. Pretty good. When can we start airing queries?

  3. Sweet, finally finished. 9D and 12A took a long time to click (luckily once i got 9, 12 quickly followed)

    AG, i am one such wordplay enthusiast, i actually got the free follow ups long before 10A and 8D dawned on me (neither 10A or 8D were 10 letters, so…)

  4. I reckon the comments of this DA Retrospectively series should just be “read at your own risk”.

    And having said that, I very much enjoyed this one and would consider it part of the Para Pantheon.

    I missed DISHALLOW (never heard of the word), IMPALE (great clue that I’m sore for having missed), SCHEDULED (bad miss which was an anagram clue brilliantly disguised) and GHOST TOWNS.

    A few queries:

    – where does the PSTER come from in Muck up bill, nonetheless in bin?
    – why does impending = P in the PALIN clue?

    19A I thought an absolute corker — samples blokes interbreed.

    Very much fun overall and not a single bad clue in my book.

  5. AS: Muck up = MUD up = DUM
    bill = POSTER, POSTER nonetheless = POSTER – O = PSTER

    impending = IMP ending = P (classic DA)

    my two questions;
    13A: i get the I’M PALIN = IMPALIN’ thing, but i don’t quite get how the crpytic clue leads to IMPALE
    19A: i get blokes interbreed = MEN contained in SPECIES… where does the extra E go? or am i wrong somehow?

  6. I can’t believe I fell for the ol’ IMP ending yet again.

    Thanks for the heads up mic.

    I figured with sayin’ that you drop the last letter of PALIN and say PALI, which would sound something like “pay lee” or “par lee”, either of which could be spelt PALE.

    19A: I didn’t notice the extra E. You’re right: where does it go? I take back the corker call (unless there’s an explanation for its disappearance).

  7. AS, sayin’ suggesting to drop a letter doesn’t work, first of all it’s too indirect, second of all, there’s no homophone indicator, unless it’s sayin’, in which case sayin’ is doing TRIPLE duty!
    1. suggesting something michael palin would say
    2. suggesting a drop of letter
    3. suggesting a homophone

    i figure a saying from palin would be I’M PALIN, that saying is written sayin’ encourarges I’M PALIN to be read as IMPALIN’ = IMPALING. i just can’t get from IMPALING to IMPALE (they’re different parts of speech)

  8. Ripper crossword. Like you, mic, my last two were 9D and 12A!

    And I can’t quite get 13A IMPALE or 19A SPECIMENS to work, either. The last one in particular looks very much like a DA error to me.

    AS, DISHALLOW was a new word for me too until a few months ago when it appeared in a crossword (was it a DA?). The other thing making this 24A clue tricky was that “profane” needs to be viewed as a verb. And I think I first saw that in a recent crossword too.

    Two more points:
    12A: Why “maker”? Wikipedia says the mole is named after the American naturalist Townsend, who first described it. But “maker”?
    20A: Very minor query here: why does this clue reference 28A? It works fine, but none of the other palindrome clues reference 28A, so why does this one?

  9. RB:
    12A: That’s what i took the reference to be. I think maker is allowed, as in creator. i guess that word was chosen as any other would have given the game away. When i was trying to work this one out, i had the S and the N, and i was sure a mole maker was the SUN, and the full answer was some suburb like SUNSHINE or something…

    20A: a minim is a small volume of a liquid, a sample of the liquid i guess (maybe literally a sample when used in the context of chemistry?)

  10. Re others’ queries on:

    13A: I take this to be the statement “I’M PALE”, from one (who is) PALIN’. Not elegant, but just OK, I think.

    19A: Has to be an error AFAICS. Hadn’t noticed it either – it’s funny how you can get the light by the definition, take a quick look at the cryptic part and think it looks OK.

  11. Re 20A: mic, I took “note” to be the definition for MINIM (musical notation, worth two crotchets). Which renders “sample” unnecessary. Although it works OK in the sense that this is an example of a palindrome and therefore a “palin drome sample”. But none of the other palindrome clues refers to “sample” so why this one?

    Maybe “sample” is used in the sense you describe, and it’s a triple def?

  12. Also PALE is singular of pales, which is an old term for a palin’ fence

  13. Yes! Adrian Mole’s creator, not Townsend’s mole! Thank you Peter! I have a feeling I’ve seen this one before. And one or two other clues too. So maybe I DID do this crossword after all in May 2007.

    I think you might be onto something with your pale/paling fence explanation, but it still looks like an extremely clumsy clue to me.

  14. A propos Sue Townsend, my mate Mitch tells me that she has written another book, Adrian Mole: The Prostate Years. Mmmm.

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