DA’s 4th of 2010

I’m looking forward to a quality showing.

(No spoilers until Monday on this post).

Update: DA’s back:

Not anything brilliant by DA’s standards, but a solid performance nonetheless.

I had a solid crack solo on Saturday before CL, FS and M? — all very eager newbies — managed to lend a hand on a couple while at Poached on Rathdowne in Carlton.

Overall, pretty good without anything standing out.

7 thoughts on “DA’s 4th of 2010

  1. Think you may have to wait another week AS…………fairly run of the mill this week.12A and17A were amusing and 25A and18D pretty good. My pick was 10A.I think 20D would be more at home in the Australian’s Sunday Times crossie.3D features one of DA’s new ploys again!

  2. AL: Ditto on 20D. I had finished the crossword bar an explanation for 3D, but your comment made me see the light. thanks!

  3. About halfway here. I’d appreciate an explanation for AL’s favourite, 10A, on Monday.

  4. I was well out of my depth last week, but I am making steady progress on this week’s DA. Re 16D, I could swear I have seen this exact same clue before, explaining why I got it instantly. Anyone else have the same deja vu feeling?

  5. Had all done bar 25A – then I found from the confusions thread that I had 23D “wrong” due to a (to me) very obscure spelling.

    Thanks for 10A hint, Peter – hope it didn’t spoil for anyone. I’m not entirely happy with that clue – it involves what I regard as unfair, wordplay “once removed”.

  6. PS. Ignore first para above – just realised I had the literal and wordplay switched.

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