DA’s Third for 2010

This week’s a goodie?

Make your verdict here.

(No spoilers on this post till Monday)

Update: Has this been the poorest month of DAs on record?

I really wanted to love this crossword. I love cricket and I especially love cricket terminology — silly mid off, short leg, fine leg, french cut, left-arm chinaman, googly, slips, leg cutter, yorker, flipper, bumper, bouncer, cherry, full toss are all colourful and fun.

Alas, I struggled. Maybe I whinge too much, maybe my skills are waning, but right now I’m thinking I was unjustifiably made to struggle on a few occasions.

Am I just a trundling grumbler, or was this cryptic as lacking in joy as I found it?

9 thoughts on “DA’s Third for 2010

  1. If only the subject of DA’s “theme” were as entertaining as the puzzle…..Lots of entertainment again this week.My faves: 8A 17A 26A 4D and 18D but it was a classy crossie overall.

  2. Good fun. 5D and 22D my faves. 22A seemed to be pushing general knowledge a bit far! has he done this before?

  3. Another fun solid DA, not disappointing, but not up there with his finest puzzles

    My favourite was 12A, it was the last one I got, but then i had a rewarding eureka moment when i finally did. It even took me a while to explain it after i guessed the answer

    re 22A, i’m almost convinced i’ve got this one wrong. i had to google to explain the literal explanation (though i know very little about cricket), and as for the cryptic explanation, i have no idea how DA expect’s most his solvers to have the requisite knowledge. Does it sound like i’ve hit on the right answer, or is there a better one?

  4. re22A, the cryptic explanation was good but I have to admit I had to google to confirm the literal explanation too ……..very obscure DA ( and I, ever in the hope of some entertainment and normally disappointed, have never heard the word in question mentioned.)
    Agree on 12A, DA is good on short,tricky clues.

  5. Geez mic, what’s with the c-word? which part of “no spoilers till Monday” do you not get?

  6. crap, sorry. that was an accident.
    hopefully AS can edit or delete my post.

  7. No worries mic, we had the theme anyway, just sticklers for the rules… sounds like you’re right with 22A – and I agree it’s a bit cheeky.

  8. Yuck! AS, I’m a whinger too this week. I agree – recent DAs have not been good, and this is the poorest by far. Liked the theme, but its delivery did not appeal to this umpire. I think I should have let this crossword go through to the ‘keeper!

    Could be a touch of sour grapes: I failed to get 11A, 4D, 6D, lack convincing explanations for several others, and have no explanation at all for a couple more.

    I did note a few good clues: 8A, 23A, 22D.

  9. I’m inclined to agree with others – this one gave very little enjoyment, despite being themed.

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