December DA (from 11/12th December)

How’s this one travelling?

(No spoilers in the comments of this post till Monday)

Update: Don’t you hate confidently inking in the wrong answer?


Another very difficult crossword. Not as good as last week’s, although DA has created an &lit that perhaps surpasses last week’s career-best effort.

RC and I only briefly joined forces on Sunday, but it was long enough for me to give him a bum steer on 5 down (I was certain it was doctors up). But when I discovered that was mistaken, the crossword had been irrevocably sullied, and, as TT would have done, I did not want to continue on what was a dog’s breakfast.

Oh well.

9 thoughts on “December DA (from 11/12th December)

  1. nasty, nasty DA! He’s not taking his foot off the pedal at the moment. Quite a task getting this one out.2D a bit iffy I thought. Liked 3D( loaded with “stuff”) and 4D was cute. My pick: 13D, 25A and 27A.Think I got 15A but it seemed a bit clunky.

  2. I really liked 10a as I kept scratching my head even after I was sure I was right. (Then the lightbulb appeared)

    16d was very clever as was 11d

  3. Took me longer than usual, but got there (I assume). Loved 19A and 20A, also 3D. 25A, in fact the whole South-east corner took me a long while.
    There are still a couple for which I’m sure I have the correct answer, but I can’t fully understand why.

  4. Had to go to the confusions post for 24A. I think we’ve had a discussion about 2D before. Some good stuff: 3D, 8D, 14D, 16D, 21D, 19A, 20A.

  5. Bit of a mixed bag this week, I thought. 3D good &lit. Also liked 25A, 27A, 8D, 13D. Couple of dodgy homophones, including 2D. (Yes, haiku I’m sure we’ve had that before).

  6. Missed out on 3 clues (with the help of friends down at Apollo Bay for the weekend). What are the answers to 24A, 22D, 23D?

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