Beatles Gold (from 27/28th of November)

Not a lot of golden stuff this week even though there was a pleasant semi-theme. Anyways, here goes:

1 down: (Beatles) 17-down’s own crab & kipper stew — just add water (9, 6)
Nice little anagrammer: crab & kipper stew — just add water = paperb ck ri + awter = Paperback Writer = Beatles’s own.

19 across: Indirectly he may conceive two hairstyles, no, in shabbier extremes (5, 5)
Nice direct definition: two hairstyles, no, in shabbier extremes = perm do no in sr = sperm donor = indirectly he may conceive.

4 down: The French contacted diminutive singer, live, for 17-down’s own (3, 2, 2)
Interesting little word in there: the French contacted diminutive singer, live = le tit be = Let It Be = Beatles’s own.

I don’t quite get diminutive singer = tit, though.

4 thoughts on “Beatles Gold (from 27/28th of November)

  1. at first i thought the singer was tito puente, and so diminutive singer is tito – o
    but tito is a percussionist, not a vocalist
    so i assume the tit is the small chirping bird

  2. Wow, MF … who ever heard of Tito Puento?!!
    A tit, yes, but Tito Puento? I am suitably impressed/bemused. :-)
    I guess that just demonstrates the breadth of our little community.

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