The Last November DA of the Year (DA on the 27/28th of November)

Let us know what you think of DA’s latest, but no spoilers until Monday.

Update: A quality semi-theme that had me singing all day.


7-down was the first clue I solved, and I went down the wrong track thinking Motown was the theme before I became attuned to the crossword’s wavelength.

Overall, a relative easy crossword even if I still don’t know the answer to 8 across. And I was mightily impressed by how difficult it must have been getting four fifteen word clues into the crossword, all of which were themed.

7 thoughts on “The Last November DA of the Year (DA on the 27/28th of November)

  1. Not too daunting this week and quite good fun. A lot hinges on 17D….once that one’s solved things can progress pretty quickly. My picks: 1A, 19A and 4D.

  2. Agreed – 21A is the last one I need, and it’s very rare that I’ll get through DA on the bus on the way home. 19A is definite Gold, and a nice theme from 17D.

  3. Definitely easier this week, although I did struggle with the last five or six. Think I’ve got explanations for 13A, 20A, and 21A, if you care to post in the “confusions” thread.

    Not much gold this week for me: 19A definitely, and 1D pretty good.

    I need an explanation for 23A, and 2D seems a bit vague (unless I’m missing something) – I’ll post in the “confusions” thread.

    And 8A and 14A were new terms for me. I’ll have to get out more often.

  4. Brought down to earth again by this DA but I was determined to persevere until I got 17D which I just did.

  5. Yeah, re 17D, I wasn’t that thrilled with the direct definition “hit machine”. But the wordplay was good.

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