The Golden (from the 20th/21st of November)

1 down: Cast, with or without one! (5)
It’s the ball-tearer: three clever, conceivable solutions, yet only one of these three fit within the crossword and is truly &lit. I wonder if DA knew of the following three possibilities:

  • cast, with or without one = cast with or – i = cast wthor = throw = cast
  • cast, with or without one = sling (a sling might or might not contain a cast) = cast
  • cast, with or without one = shied (shed) = cast, with or without one

Great clue made even harder by more than one feasible solution.

6 down, 21 across: Spooner’s out of depression with 15-down (deep fryer) snack (5, 5)
This took me a long time because it’s, as far as I’m aware, a first: a Spoonerism that passes two phonemes of a word over to the next: Spooner’s out of depression = Spooner’s from pit = pomme frite = deep fryer snack.

7 down: Buckle fast cinching little zip (5, 1. 1.)
Ridiculously good, and blasphemous to boot!: buckle fast cinching little = stfa cinching wee = sweet F.A. = zip.

16, 10 across: Acting as an extra principle of creative accounting (6, 2, 3, 7)
Wonderfully worded and humorous: acting as an extra = making up the numbers = principle of creative accounting.

19 across: Burmese remark about hound she buys? (9)
A brilliant way to hide purr: burmese remark about hound = purr about chase = purchaser = she buys.

13 across, 5 down: It crushes crims boarding vessel with scaler, say? (3, 11)
Especially difficult wordplay for a excellent clue: crims boarding vessel with scaler, say = cons boarding boat with Richter, say = boa constrictor = it crushes.

12 down: The Mafia deviant suits current one-sided band (6, 5)
No surprise that the mind-bending word-turner would refer to mind-bending mathematical shape-shifting: the Mafia deviant suits current = mob iusst rip = mobius strip = one-sided band.

22 down: Fault Flynn finally swapping hands (5)
I really like an elegant swapping of letters: Flynn finally swapping hands = Errol – l + r = error = fault.

17 down: Audience bear Cockney’s corny music machine (7)
Wonderful aural clue that’s a little surprising because the letters don’t look like they should be homophonic: audience bear Cockney’s corny = audience carry Cockney’s hokey = audience carry hokey – h = karaoke = music machine.

24 across: Just 31 days, trading places in London (7)
Excellent sleight of hand from the surface reading: just 31 days trading places = fair may trading places = mayfair = in London.

5 thoughts on “The Golden (from the 20th/21st of November)

  1. Bit nonplussed regarding the discussion on 1d;Surely the protocol for cryptics is….the setter composes a grid then sets clues for the solver to complete the grid correctly. There is only one solution for 1D as we all know , the other suggestions, clever as they may be. are wrong, simple as that. I think the fun of cryptics is that you may go up several wrong alleys before arriving at the correct answer and then, “yes I’ve got it”.

  2. AL, the point about 1D is that THROW was such a good answer that it would have elicited a very convincing “yes I’ve got it” feeling. And that’s very rare for a cryptic crossword. Hence worthy of discussion.

    I can’t say the same for SLING. I had it pencilled in when my grid said S_I__, but I was never convinced.

  3. …….if it had been the right answer, but it wasn’t. This site is the DA trippers and as such DA sets the clues, we strive for the correct solution.

  4. I don’t think anyone is saying that there’s more than one definite solution for 1 down, just that there were three feasible solutions, only one of which fit the grid and was the real answer.

    The fact that there were three feasible solutions just made the clue and crossword even harder to solve than normal because putting the wrong answer in, as I did, would have led you down the wrong path.

  5. AL, I don’t think anyone is actually COMPLAINING that 1D was unfair or dodgy. And I’m sure most would agree it deserves GOLD status because one meaning of cast is “shied” and another different meaning is “shed”. So absolutely no complaints there. As you say, DA sets the clues, and we strive for the answers.

    But it is remarkable that a very convincing case can be made for the answer THROW based on the wordplay (anagram of “with or” without the “i”). Alternative “answers” for cryptic def clues or double def clues are not uncommon. But alternative “answers” based on wordplay involving an anagram? I’d say that’s very rare indeed. So it’s not surprising it has elicited some comment.

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