The Last Laugh of 16/17/18th October

Holas todos desde Darwin,

I’ve added 18th of October to the asynchronicity equation, as the long suffering residents of Katherine, NT, have only just got the “international” papers today, despite paying $7.50 for them.  (For some reason they only get The Age and no SMH)

Anyway, unless you live in Katherine, hi EC, I think it’s time for some answers.

DA had the last laugh over me this week, I struggled in the Southwest corner.  Can anyone tell me 15, 23, 25 and 26 across?  And on the downs, I don’t have 1, 13 and 19.


8 thoughts on “The Last Laugh of 16/17/18th October

  1. 15A: Ben STILLER: having less ants in the pants: a cryptic definition?
    23A: JOHN CLEESE: the letters of “echelons” and “je” (jet detailed)
    25A: Les DAWSON: hack the letters of “downloads”, clipped of “old”
    26A: Spike MILLIGAN: factory = MILL, profit = GAIN, with the I misplaced

  2. Oh, sorry SM), your comment was the reason I started this post, but forgot to answer you. The theme is comedians. I first got it from 24ac, which is:

    Sixty-six percent burning = Sixty-six percent of ‘alight’ = alig = Ali G I’d be tempted to put that in DA Gold.

    I wasn’t sure if it was characters or comedians or hosts of a show for a while, as our next get was 14 ac (courtesey of NF, making her debut mention in these hallowed pages)

    Exercised self-denial, mainly = anagram of most of ‘self denial’ = Seinfeld.

    Hope those two get you going!

  3. 1D: job for any across = comedy GIG; might finish = T; in a foreign temple = A WAT: gives Power = GIGAWATT
    13D: Abrupt haste = SUDDENNESS. Diminish the Roman figures – ie replace the Ds (500 in RN) with Ls (50 in RN) and we have gloom = SULLENNESS
    19D: letters of Tim (defaced = IM) and SEANS, tailored, gives us INSEAMS = measures

  4. Thanks Haiku,

    Damn, ‘Milligan’ hurt! I was even looking for some Goons in there at one point!

  5. The things you learn, I had never heard of Les Dawson, comedian, born in Manchester on 2 February, 1933 (25A). I’m not sure that I wanted to know that…
    Explanations for 4D and 7D, please?

  6. JG:
    4D: love = O, compass points = NENESS (north, east. south, etc..)
    7D: Middle letters of the first six words

  7. I’d already got all those mentioned in this thread, except DAWSON, of whom I’d never heard. Having got the last few weeks without much trouble, I’m annoyed to find myself really stumped, especially in the NW corner. Thought I knew a fair number of practitioners of the droll arts, but there must be a few more of Dawson’s ilk.

  8. Plugged away at this throughout the day, and was stuck on 15A. Watching late night TV, trying to think of a comedian whose name probably started with ST, and meant calmer, or steadier. Lo and behold Dodgeball came on. Enlightenment at last!

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