More Confusion (from the 16/17/18th of October)

5 down: Must crash-landing be less wiry? (8)

I figure this is must crash landing = stum bier = stumbier = be less wiry.

Question: how does the direct definition have anything to do with the answer, if it is indeed the answer?

5 thoughts on “More Confusion (from the 16/17/18th of October)

  1. Not quite….

    Must crash = stum + landing = stum + pier = stumpier = less wiry

  2. Goddamn… I only recently looked up the meaning of the word bier and I thought my researches came in handy.

    That will teach me to look up words in dictionaries.

  3. Wiry and stumpy are at opposite ends of the spectrum of build, one being tall and thin, the other being short and thick, or, using the terminology I recently discovered while trying on shirts in a shop aimed at those a bit younger and thinner than me: “tapered fit” vs “urban fit”.

    I must be morbidly urbane because I didn’t find anything that fit me.

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