The Chambers Dictionary

Thanks to Ian, I have only just discovered the importance of the Chambers dictionary to cruciverbalists and learnt of its charms (the definition for mullet: a hairstyle that is short at the front, long at the back, and ridiculous all round; the definition for comfort food: mood-enhancing food that meets the approval of one’s taste buds but not of one’s doctor). Sadly, though, the dictionary might not continue to be what it once was due to poor sales.

I’ve snapped up a copy before editorial standards drop, and it seems to be that purchasing it from the store is the cheapest option for purchasing online, delivered to your door.

2 thoughts on “The Chambers Dictionary

  1. Has anyone else stumbled across “The Hindu Crossword Corner” at ?

    What I really like is the notation for explaining how a clue works. Succinct and precise. Feeling the need for such a thing, I even invented my own, but this one is simpler and better. I have mentioned it a couple of times in this blog, with no comments. Apparently I am alone on feeling this way. Oh well.

  2. I find the notation quite difficult to follow and the last thing I want to do is learn a notation system.

    I figure cryptic crosswords are difficult enough without a notation system on top of that to learn!

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