More Confusion from the 12th of September

15 across: In brief we each present occasion (6, 3)

Umm, what’s the answer?

14 down: Rod Martin’s Fox channel anticipating 15- or 19-across (?? or rainmaker) (5, 5)

As above.

29 across: Familiar playboy cuts unbelievable Camus novel (3, 4)

I know The Fall is a Camus novel, but I’m lost otherwise.

6 thoughts on “More Confusion from the 12th of September

  1. 15A: SHOWER TEA – I struggled with this too, because I’d only vaguely heard of the term and had no idea what it was anyway. Apparently it’s a prewedding party to which guests bring an item of kitchenware or other gifts for the bride.
    In brief we each=In SHORT WE EA=SHOWERTEA=present occasion

  2. 14D: STORM DRAIN – it’s an anagram of “Rod Martin’s”. Fox is the (clever) anagram indicator.

  3. 15A = SHOWER TEA (WE in SHORT + EA) as in baby shower with presents/gifts.

    For 14D I have STORM DRAIN, an anagram of “Rod Martins” and a channel in anticipation of rainfall, with 28D being STEPS IN.

    29A THE FALL is HEFF (Hugh Heffner of Playboy fame is called “Heff”) inside TALL (“unbelievable” as in tall story)

  4. 29A: I liked this one.
    Familiar playboy=HEF (Hugh Hefner)
    unbelievable=TALL (as in story)

  5. Thanks RB and Rob.

    I’ve heard of the bridal shower, but never the bridal shower tea. We live, we learn.

    I’m shocked I didn’t think of HEF as the playboy. That was pretty poor on my part.

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