DAfending the faith

As a few people noted in the previous posts, the crossword proletariat don’t seem to share our love of DA.  Monday to Wednesday’s Age letters were full of whining about DA puzzles. I think these people need to be shouted down and shown to be the dog turd on the shoe of the cryptic world that they are.  I particularly dislike their smarmy calls about “DA stands for ‘Dont Attempt'”.  Haha….ha….h…h…..

Imagine if these people had other hobbies, perhaps they would still write to The Age/SMH (and would probably still be published) …..

People shouldn’t be allowed to surf Bell’s Beach, the waves are far too big for me.  Barry Smith, Flemmington

Why do we keep funding the Australian Ballet?  All they do is stand on their toes and move more gracefully than I can.  Mary Jones, Camberwell

Last week’s Epicure section featured recipes that required separating egg whites.  Please publish easier dishes, as I always get shell in the whites.   Mohamed Al Abasi, Croydon

I’m sick of the constant reporting on the AFL and other high standard sports events – when will the media pay attention to the SE Asian Australian Football Championships?  RC, Kualur Lumpur (on the eve of his international sporting debut!)

One thought on “DAfending the faith

  1. I think DA is the best of the age compilers though about one in twenty of his clues is crap. eg a sounds like where an aspirated sibilant is ‘equal’ to an unaspirated one. The complexity and sometimes beauty of a clue is enough for me. Some of my co-solvers find the pop culture/modern/sports references annoying. I see them as the same as the Times’ references to the classics I have to look in a book but afterwards I know something new

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