17th of July DA

Today’s a prime-numbered day, and here’s hoping for a prime DA.

Hopefully too, a day without bad puns.

egypt and a crossword from da

RC and I gave this week’s a crack at Il Fornaio, and our impatience had us looking at the answers before we otherwise would or should have.

20 thoughts on “17th of July DA

  1. ‘island with our only volcano’ is not in fact our only volcano but our only active volcano, plenty of dormant ones elsewhere. ( I pick nits but nit picking is our business)

  2. Bit easier than last week. But I have a couple of queries:

    14A: This must be LUXOR: XO (“affectionate signs”) inside LUR (“appeal briefly”, presumable lure minus the last letter), but this means the containment indicator is “prolongs”. Doesn’t seem quite right.

    18D: This must be TYPICAL, but the wordplay seems a bit tortured. It seems to me that “sticky end” = Y, and when this Y is “overcome” by O we get TOPICAL. And this sort of equates to “regarding…issue”. Is that it? Yuk!

    My favourite this week was 12D. And 4D was pretty good.

  3. All out this week, though I had to google ENID to discover it was a type of setter.

    Although had TYPICAL for 18D, but the answer is indeed TOPICAL as per RB’s comment. Agree that it’s a bit tortured.

    Highlights this week: 4D, 5D, 12D, 15A, 20A. And 2D amusing albeit a fairly easy anagram.

  4. After a slow start I got the crossword all out last night watching the cricket. It was a necessary diversion.

    Took a few punts, and got a few buts, but.

    17A: “Vents” = APERTURES. But how do you get that from the rest of the clue?

    3D: “Jones at the stock market” = DOW. But the rest?

    6D: “Lobbing” = ARRIVAL. “Enemy” = RIVAL. But AR?

    22D: Put in ENID because she was the only “female” who fit. But, like H, I had no idea about the “setter”. Naturally, my first thought was DA.

  5. 17A: A cheeky = A PERT. Then (and I think we’ve had stalwart before) stalwart = SURE, head dropped = URE. Then the S … hmmm … maybe head dropped to the back of the word?

    3D: Pride = PREEN, penny tossed = REEN, then DOW

    6D: weapon = ARM, clip the M
    Lobbing up = arriving, perhaps. But just plain lobbing = arrival? Not so sure about that …

  6. 17A: Agree with haiku (including S being dropped to the back of the word).

    3D: Agree with haiku.

    6D: Agree with haiku on wordplay. And agree lobbing requires ‘up’ before it becomes arriving. Don’t have a problem with arriving=arrival (we’ve had this discussion before – “ing” words can be nouns too as well as present participles).

    22D: I justified this (somewhat reluctantly) as follows:
    setter=I (ie. DA Himself)
    And the direct clue (this is the bit I’m not keen on) was female (…connection to the previous clue).
    But I’m not keen on the Enid=setter explanation either, because that leaves the “I” unexplained.

  7. I think Enid=setter is a furphy. I’ve just googled “enid setter” and my interpretation of the result is that Enid is a town in Oklahoma, not a breed of dog.

  8. RB – so it is! Just goes to show that sometimes you need to click on the link …

    Agree that “female …” = ENID works as the direct clue.

    Speaking of ellipses, any thoughts on 23A and 24A? I guess there’s a thematic connection between tipsy regulars and an inn (=BAR), but it strikes me that both clues work on their own.

  9. Yes, I agree. Sometimes the dots (…) are important (referring to the next or previous clue), and sometimes they are superfluous as in 23A and 24A, where the only purpose seems to be to make us punters think they might be relevant.

  10. this crossword seemed bittersweet in its being not as challenging / hair-pullingly-frustrating as last week’s

    though for the life of me i still can’t work out why 11A is slovakia, except for the danube part. help?

  11. practically adore (love)=lov; second in race=a; stopping runner (ski); near a; all adds up to Slovakia.

    My favourites this week 15A and 20A.

  12. HS, I am still mystified: why is ‘stopping runner’ = ski; and what tells us to put ‘lova’ inside ‘ski’ ?

  13. runner=ski, i.e. ‘lova’ is stopping ski. s(lova)ki. Perhaps ‘stuffing ski’ would have made it more obvious.

  14. I reckon 24A is a bit suss. On my geographic knowledge, gained from “Lawrence of Arabia” and other films, most of the Middle East is a ‘vast sandlot’.

  15. i still don’t get how practically is working in that clue. is the word love “practically” spelled completely, but not actually? are love and lov “practically” the same word?

    will look up how runner=ski in the dictionary

  16. thanks HS

    once again my satisfaction at completing a DA was annoyingly incomplete because of just one answer i couldn’t quite explain. makes sense now though

  17. Slow but steady progress over two days saw this DA completed. I found this one much easier than last week.

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