The Gold from the 3rd of July

20 down: Hurt, hearing rock in record (9)

Even with the answer in front of my face, I completely missed the anagram that was so cleverly hidden. Here, record = cd, hearing rock = hagrine (I spent a very long time misspelling geological objects) so that hearing rock in record = chagrined = hurt.

24 down: Merlot for George’s wife? (7)

Just clever: merlot = mild red = Mildred = George’s wife (from the TV series).

21 across: 8-down (great) limb rub?! (5, 4)

&lit clues are always a delight to see come off, and this most definitely does: great limb rub (anagram of great limb) = tiger balm = great limb rub.

26 across: Waves oscillate transformer (5, 4)

Another one of those surprisingly apt anagrams that DA manages to consistently come up with: waves oscillate = tesla coil = transformer.

7 down: Pointless beatnik dyed material (5)

Although clever, this clue is not Gold quality. But this crossword was the first I had done in a long time after my stay in Indonesia, so the reference to Indonesian clothes makes it noteworthy for me: pointless beatnik = beatnik – e – n = batik = dyed material.

11 across: Spooner’s wee a bed habit (7)

Spoonerisms are fantastic by definition, but this one includes a clever direct clue: Spooner’s wee = spoonerism + tiny = nightie = a bed habit.

17 across: Loaded article is sound (9)

A very-well-hidden anagram: loaded article is = anagram + article is = realistic = sound.

5 down: Hindu god changes a rock cleft (7)

Again, DA comes up with an inventive word play indicator. Here, we have changes a rock cleft = (changes a) anagram of + cleft = cganesha + c left = ganesha = Hindu god.

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