3rd of July DA

Report on this week’s, and now that I’m back in Melbourne, the crossword might just be uploaded to boot.

Update: And here’s the uploaded crossword!

DA and Indonesia

This one I thought was a ripper. And I must say I was mighty pleased to see that DA included a clue with a reference to Indonesia especially for my return from Jakarta.

6 thoughts on “3rd of July DA

  1. Mmm. Tough, certainly ….. but I wouldn’t award it “ripper” status. Several dodgy clues, I thought. I found the top left particularly tough. My last four solved were 10A, 4D, 9A, and last of all 2D. Won’t give anything away yet. 21A was a really good clue, I thought. I have one discombobulation so I’ll post it in that section.

  2. All bar 2 completed, mainly as a result of misspelling tesla coil as telsa coil!! I thought 24D was pretty good, and 21A I’d second as a very nicely worked clue.

  3. Yes, I enjoyed 24D too. But I thought it might only appeal to old codgers like me!

  4. I’m a sucker for Spoonerisms, so 11A is my highlight.

    And RB, the order that I completed the last of the clues pretty much followed yours, although DA confused me well with 20D.

  5. An enjoyable crossword, although I missed a few. Very sneaky using the word ‘hearing’ for an anagram.
    I wonder if the irony of using merlot for Mildred was intentional. Didn’t the actress (Yootha Joyce) die of an alcohol related illness?

  6. Clicking on the Google logo today (10 July) I find it is Nikola Tesla’s birthday. So DA jumped the gun by a week.

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