3 thoughts on “Help DA with his Confusions

  1. OK… I can’t find a way to register to comment on the proper page, so I’m hoping this may be read…

    EN = nurse (enrolled nurse, a title) SIGN = unknown (X is a sign and an unknown…) ENSIGN is the miltary rank of the leader of the flag party (may also be a Navy rank?)

    rip off = SWINDLE right = R and a SWINDLER = a leg (English term as they have to ‘leg it’ when caught…)

    Hope this helps?

  2. JF, that’s awesome. EN = nurse and SWINDLER = leg are both news to me.

    And hopefully DA reads this not just for the solution to two of his confoundings, but also so he knows that it’s impossible to comment on his blog (there’s two of us that can’t find a way to register and comment, so I’m guessing there isn’t a way to do it)

  3. SWINDLER = leg is new to me too, but google corroborates it.

    I don’t like SIGN = unknown. I don’t like SIGN = X either. Can you elucidate?

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