The Gold from the 22nd of May

16 across: Comedian suffered friendly jeers (5,8)

This anagram should go down in the unwritten annals of cryptic crossword genius (although I still consider Tony Blair MP as an anagram of I’m Tory Plan B to be the height of genius). Here, we’ve got friendly jeers as an anagram of Jerry Seinfeld, so that suffered friendly jeers = jerry seinfeld = comedian.

21 across: Dispose of vampire Dracula’s admission? (6)

Fantastic, awesome, hilarious, and all within the same semantic range. How would you kill a vampire? Via an impaling. And Dracula doesn’t get to see much light, so dispose of vampire = impale = I’m pale = Dracula’s admission.

Ridiculously good.

Top work to you fine commenters for bringing these clues to light!

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