The Gold from the 1st of May

4 down: By the way, selling republic tripe

Due to popular demand, 4 down is this week’s Gold. Here we have by the way = ps, selling = hawking and, the golden bit, republic = no king, all of which gives by the way, selling republic = pshaw = tripe.

4 thoughts on “The Gold from the 1st of May

  1. And I reckon you should have written “selling = hawking” not “selling=hawk” (sorry don’t know how to italicise). Also “republic = no king” (forget the “or no K”). And the first occurrence of “tripe” should read “republic”. What are you smoking/drinking up there in Jakarta? Are you going to bring some back?

  2. Hmmm… certainly my powers are waning here in Jakarta.


    And although I haven’t partaken in any illicit substances, it’s certainly impressive to see how much is available given the penalties (although I hear through the grapevine that the clubs which purvey the illicit substances have the backing of certain officials high up in the government).

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