Super Early Early Bird DA (for the 10th of April Edition)

The DA hasn’t been revealed for the week yet, but I probably won’t be near a computer until Monday, so comment away when you have the chance.

12 thoughts on “Super Early Early Bird DA (for the 10th of April Edition)

  1. You’d have to be a Grey Nomad to work this one out. Those of us who live near the Pacific Ocean didn’t have a chance.

    Joe, 9.30 am Sat.

  2. Completed but don’t understand how these two work:

    9A JANE EYRE – hook?
    26 HEADLINER – iceberg?

  3. My take on Jane Eyre is ‘hook’ = J hook = J, ‘again’ = anew, so ‘again inconclusive’ = ane, and so Jane. I think the ‘J’ part is pretty suss. Eyre is of course the highway, and Jane Eyre is the heroine of the eponymous book.
    ‘Headliner’ beats me too.

  4. as for 26A, i took it to be star = headliner (Titanic, say = liner, and iceberg = head (as in a head of iceberg lettuce))

    I’m still missing 10 words. i havent done this badly for months

  5. I couldn’t fully explain 9A JANE EYRE and 26A HEADLINER either, so thanks for the explanations above. And it took me a long long time to get the all important 6D 17D. Well done JG for coming up with J=”hook” and ANE=”again inconclusive”. Agree that the “J” part is a bit suss. But I suppose it’s not that different from O=”ring”, and we all accept that.

    Not a lot of inspired clues this week, but 21A CHINLESS did elicit a chuckle.

  6. Thank you for the JANE EYRE and HEADLINER explanations – the idea of lettuce didn’t occur.

  7. I must be really stupid ’cause can’t get 6D and 17D. Is it “by … or the ….?

  8. Many thanks; I was stuck in “ocean mode” and “sea” and “see” words…that it could be referring to a road didn’t enter the grey matter.

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