27/3 gold

This was a pretty good ‘un all round, but I particularly liked these:

1 across: When the cup runs over, men scramble to protect beer’s head (8)
The “to protect” bit is a bit clumsy, but I do like “When the cup runs” as a direct clue for NOVEMBER. It mighta confused the Sydneysiders, though!

25, 26 across: Alien race signals for us to walk? (6, 5, 3)
A nice double meaning clue – LITTLE GREEN MEN!

4 down: estiMAte? (8, 5)
Only DA woulda come up with this one. It did remind me a little of a clue from a few weeks back, to which the answer I think was also EDUCATED GUESS, or something very similar – does anyone remember it? But anyway, this is one of those clues that elicits bewilderment when you first look at it, and a delighted chuckle when the answer first jumps out.

No real DA bullshit this week, although that may change once I’ve seen the answers!

7 thoughts on “27/3 gold

  1. Please consider 7D for the DA bullshit category. See under Late Early Bird. I thought 12A was pretty good.

  2. I don’t like 4D at all. The clue you might be thinking of was from 14 November 2008: C+H-AxN+CE (“calculated risk”). I liked that one because chance = risk, and chance sprinkled with arithmetic symbols is *calculated* risk.

    But for 4D to wotk like that one would have to have estiate = guess and estiate with an MA = educated estiate = educated guess. Otherwise estimate has to do double duty and mean both “guess” *and* “estimated guess”.

    If this is intended I think this is the worst DA clue in memory & a candidate for DA bullshit in my opinion. But maybe I am missing something. I would so like estiate to mean guess & restore my faith in DA.

  3. Nah, I think you’re over-analysing it. The whole clue is estimate = GUESS, and the presence of an MA gives you EDUCATED GUESS. It’s a bit contrived, perhaps, but it’s unusual and I like it.

    And yeah, CALCULATED RISK was the one I was thinking of.

  4. Point taken, TH. I have to try to lighten up a little. I like to take my battles with DA seriously, but they are a lot of fun too.

    Serious fun! Maybe that is a definition of a cryptic crossword (and particularly a DA)…

  5. I reckon 19A “Sculptor and noble eatin'” = Auguste Rodin deserves a medal.

  6. 4D: I’m positioned somewhere between NC and TH on this one. I guess I disagree with both of you! I feel it’s worthy of neither gold nor bullshit.

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