Early Bird Commenting (for the 11th March Edition DA)

We’re not always on the ball posting something on this website (I know I’ve taken as long as Thursday to get around to posting something in the past), and we’ve been noticing that you fine people want to get busy commenting on the latest DA as soon as possible.

So, in order to get comments happening as soon as possible, here’s the start of a regular series of Early Bird posts that will simply be a space for you to comment about the latest DA without having to wait for us.

Get cracking!

P.S.  AG and RB have already started commenting on the 11th of March edition on another post.

7 thoughts on “Early Bird Commenting (for the 11th March Edition DA)

  1. Hi all – just found this site. Thank god for the lot of you.

    Can anyone explain the answer to 21D? it’s either “sets up” or “tees up” but I have no explanation for either.

    I’m also not strictly sure how 10A = neon.

    I adored the clue for 5A: – “Disorderly bimbo slurred, ‘Quiet!’ ” – not because the answer is particuarly clever, it’s just that I love the mental image.

  2. 10A, neon is the 10th element in the periodic table.
    But what’s with 2D? And ‘mobbish’ isn’t in my dictionary.

  3. 21D: I had a lot of trouble with this too. I finally decided it’s TEES UP.
    Arranges = TEES UP
    visit = SEE
    set = PUT
    visit during set = PUSEET
    visit during setback = TEESUP

    2D: Service = MASS
    bed = COT
    Service disrupted by bed = MASCOTS
    fetishes = MASCOTS (I had to check this in the dictionary)

  4. As I wrote under another post (DA and Me), I had trouble with 27A. I think the answer has to be PAPERED. And I can half justify it as follows:
    7-downed = indulged = PAMPERED
    Mark left 7-downed = PAPERED (I don’t particularly like m for mark)
    I’m bamboozled by the rest of the clue – the best I can come up with is that a gift is often wrapped (guarded?) by paper. Yuk! Can anyone help?

  5. RB – that’s how I got to “papered” too. I was equally dubious about the gift / papered link . . . I think it’s a bit too lateral, but can’t think of a better explanation.

  6. In spite of AG’s explanation, I still don’t understand 1D. What’s with ‘account’?
    I like 22A ‘scrutineer’, but I’m not too keen on 13A’s use of ‘the’ = ‘ye’; my dictionary allows it, but ‘ye’ = ‘you’ is more common – I guess that’s the delight of a DA.

  7. 1D: Weary = HACKNEYED
    journo = HACK
    must = NEED
    invoice (in voice) is the “sounds-like” indicator, so
    must invoice = NEYED

    13A: my take on this clue is that YE derives from “the old”, not just “the”.

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